Thursday, April 3, 2014

Sewing with Knit...WHATS THE BIG DEAL?


Well today is a beautiful sunny day, birds a chirping, pussy cat is meowing & the horses are out back filling up on lovely fresh green grass..
Here is Paris (fat pony), Jasper (fat quarter horse)!!

Yesterday was a little monumental... Yes, MONUMENTAL! 

I have sewn a tinny bit with stretch fabric, with little success. 
So I have made every effort to stay well clear of the stuff..but, with a mother who LOVES & is a VERY clever stretch fabric sewer, there was always an underlying feeling that I was needed to face this, let's say HURDLE, in my sewing career. Oh, the other reason is I have a lovely customer who requested a dress in the stuff;)...thank you Alice:) 

I was happy for the challenge, nervous, read loads of helpful hints, remembered all what my mother has told me...

Black jersey knit fabric... Picked out by a customer as I was way to nervous to choose.

(but do first make sure I do use a ball point needle & correct stitch on machine!)

I can hardly believe it, I actually really enjoyed sewing with the stretch fabric. A lot to do with using the correct tools & keeping this thought in my head... Slow design, slow making.... That is what hand made is about. 

Finished & stunning...

Here with a newly made infinity scarf.

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